After-Sale Service


Service Procsdure:  In case of any claim for after sale service, the customer shall provide us a problem report with detailed information including but not limited to Model Name, Serial Number S/N: and Concrete description of problem. Admedil shall have no obligations to accept any service claim without problem report. Once a problem report is received, Admedil will notify the customer and offer a solution within two working days. Accordingly, the service claim will be followed up on the following two occasions:
Within Warranty:  a) After receiving confirmation from Admedil, the customer can send back to us the defective part(s) and advise tracking number for the shipment, then, Admedil will dispatch the replacement part(s) as per customer instructions and the designated address.  b) The customer shall send by email or fax a declaration from with signature & stamp legally certifying that they will return the defective part(s) to us on time. Admedil will, then, dispatch the replacing part(s) as per customer instructions and the designated address.
Out of Warranty:  a)
After receiving confirmation from Admedil, the customer can send back the defective part(s). In return, Admedil will analyze the degree of trouble condition and offer customer quotation on either repairing the defective part(s) or making replacement(s).  b) After receiving customer’s payment of maintenance fee, Admedil will dispatch the parts as per customer instructions and the designated address.

Return Policy:  Should there be any material to be shipped back to Admedil, the customer shall contact local representative/agency and/or obtain the authorization. Then, the shipment shall include official documents with description of problem report on the returned parts and shipping instructions.


Packing Instructions:  In case of returning goods for service purpose, please follow the below said instructions:  1) Please disassemble the parts with anti-static facility, do not touch the parts with naked hand.  2) Remove all hoses, cables, sensors, transducers and connecting cables before packing expected the ones you suspect of association with the problem.  3)  Wherever possible use the original shipping carton and packing materials.  4)  Include a packing list and Admedil is authorization.  5)  It is recommended that all returned goods shall be insured and claimed for loss or damage to be initiated by the sender.  6)  Note: Admedil should have no obligation to accept any unauthorized returned goods from either the customer or end-user of the customer. The customer takes the responsibility of accounted fee on such occasions.

Freight Policy:  Within Warranty:  The Customer is responsible for all charges, including freight, insurance and custom clearance, concerning the returning shipment to Admedil. Admedil is responsible for charges of freight and insurance of shipment to the Customer.  Out of Warranty: The Customer is responsible for all charges of the shipment both to and from Admedil.


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