Product Name: Trolley Color Doppler
Model: PT380

           Real face to clinical ultrasound diagnosis
           Simple the complex operating process
           17" high resolution monitor
           With solutions of  updatable digital system
           Scanning mode: Electronic Linear, Convex, Annular Array Sector and Doppler pencil probing for 2D(B mode),
                TM(M Mode), PW, CW and CFM
           Imaging mode: Single frame B/Dual frame B/Quad fram B
           Cine loop of  282 frame2D image and/or 128 frame color image
           256 black/white gray scale
           128 color shade
           3D reconstruction software package
           Digital image management and network capacity, with ultrasound workstation
           80G hard disk, CD memory, USB connector, DICOM input/output

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