Product Name: Portable Color Doppler
Model: S8

           Incorporated with high configuration to meet cardiologist requirements of adult TEE, pediatric TEE,
               high frequency phased array, 15MHz linear transducer, 512 super high density  transducer, and 4D imaging function
           HCU and convertible cart based system
           15 inch LCD monitor with super large imaging
           Full cardiovascular transducer: TEE, pediatric TEE, phased array, high frequency and high frequency linear
           512 HD transducers with frequency range from 1.9MHz to 15MHz
           Integrated with updated imaging technology of micro-scan, multi-beam processing, automatic flow volume analysis,
               and 4D imaging technology
           Comprehensive cardiovascular analysis kit of TDI, anatomic M mode, color M, CW, HPRF, and panoramic image
           Full patient database solution: DVD RW, DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD and PDF report

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