Product Name: Automatic Desktop Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: BA-6008

           Test mode:  end point, fixed time (two point), kinetics (velocity), immuno assays, monochromatic,
               bi-chromatic & multi-chromatic, linearity & nonlinearity, single/dual reagents, monochromatic/bi-chromatic testing
           Test range:  clinical biochemistry, specific protein, ISE, therapeutic medicine, drug abuse, urine/cerebrospinal fluid
           Throughput:  130 test/hour, up to 200 test/hour with optional ISE
           Light source:  halogen lamp, 6V/10W, life span≥3000 hours
           Wavelength:  340, 450, 492, 505, 546, 578, 620, 670, 700nm
           Sample tray:  28 sample position with anyone be aligned as STAT & inserted anytime during he examination
           Sample tube:  sample cup, vacuum blood collection tube, plastic tube
           Sample volume:  2 ~ 35μl, programmed in 0.1μl/step
           Reagent tray:  56 reagent position for R1 and R2
           Reagent bottle:  15ml, 35ml, 40ml, slope bottom design
           Reagent volume:  150 ~ 300μl in 1μlstep with automatic deduction
           Refrigeration:  24 hour non stop cooling with Peltier element maintaining terperature 4 ~ 15,
               controlled by separate switch
           Integrated multi-function reagent needle with surface detection, collision protection, reagent pre-heating,
               reagent residual monitoring and alarm
           Durable syringe with long life span, high accuracy and maintaineance free
           Reaction tray: 48 plastic reaction cuvette, 6mm optical path, semi-permanent
           Reaction volume:  150 ~ 300μl
           Reaction time:  about 10 minutes
           Absorbance range:  0.000 ~ 3.000Abs
           Resolution:  0.001Abs
           Calibration mode:  linear (one point, two pintt and multi-point), logit-log4P, logit-log5P, spline curve, exponential,
               function, polynomial, parabolabr
           Optional:  barcode reader

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