Product Name: Automatic Desktop Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: BA-6020

           Test mode:  end point, kinetics, fixed time, immuno assays, monochromatic, biochromatic, analysis/multi-standard,
               linearity/non-linearity calibration
           Test range:  clinical biochemistry, turbidimetry, ISE, protein, drug abuse
           Throughput:  200 test/hour, up to 280 test/hour with optional ISE
           Light source:  halogen lamp, 6V/10W, life span≥3000 hours
           Wavelength:  340, 405, 492, 505, 546, 578, 620, 670, 700nm
           Detector:  photoelectron diode array
           Sample rotor:  44 sample position for primary tube, test tube & sample tube
           Reagent tray:  44 position for single & double reagent with free alignment
           Reagent refrigeration and heating:  refrigerated reagent compartment, 24 hour non-stop cooling
               with peltier element maitaining temperature 4 ~ 15
           Reaction rotor:  48 reaction cuvette with 6mm optical diameter, good UV penetrability, low consumable, low cost
           Detection technology:  back driving light technology
           Reaction temperature:  37, with accuracy of ±0.1
           Sample and reagent probe:  liquid level detection and collision protection
           Cleaning:  automatic probe and cuvette, carry over <0.1%
           Syringe:  high performance syringe, durable and maintenance free
           Data management:  large capacity for storage, display, saving and printing
           Printing:  editing and printing any part of the report, supporting network printing
           RS232 interface: 
           Optional:  barcode reade

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