Product Name: Automatic Desktop Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: GF-2280

           Test mode:  end point (linear or non-linear), kinetics, fixed time, sample blank, reagent blank, direct absorbance
           Wavelength:  340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm
           Light source:  halogen lamp, 12V/20W
           Reading cell:  continuous flow cell, internal volume 33μl, usual reading volume 500μl, Peltier effect
           Reaction temperature:  37, with accuracy of ±0.1
           Sample capacity:  three reagent disk, each disk can hold 17 different reagents, 51 reagents supported totally
           Round rotating plate with 45 position for sample or standard cups, 37 thermostat controlled,
               4 replaceable multi-cell sectors (24 cells each), 96 reaction cells totally
           Zeroing:  automatic
           Calibration:  automatic, 1 ~ 45 (optional) or standard protein based calibration solution
           Range of absorbancy:  0 ~ 2.5Abs
           Linearity:  <1%
           CV:  <1%
           External interface:  two way RS232 interface
           Printer:  24 pin stylus printer, injet printer or laser printer

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