Product Name: Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: GF-D200A

           Concave raster for dispersion element with adjustable wavelength, litte error, high optic performance
               and nonadjustable computer drive raster
           Large graphic LCD to display standard curve and quality control record
           Automatic printing, storage, wavelength setting, quality control report, quality control chart and item parameter
           Test method of two point, linear end point, nonlinear end point, absorbency, sample blank, single & double wavelength
           Whole open program with 200 biochemical items & choice reagent
           Permanent storage of item parameter & results even after power cut off
           Fixed factor method for standard measurement of one time scaling
           Automatic storage of record for 31 day quality control with statiistic & chart
           Time setup, pump correction, printing color adjustment, error prompt
           Wavelength range:  330 ~ 800nm
           Absorbency measuring range:  0.3 ~ 3.0Abs
           Cross contamination:  <1%
           Temperature control:  25, 35, 37, or room temperature
           Keyboard:  6 key film light touch key
           Printer:  built in wide row high speed thermal printer
           Interface:  standard RS232 interface

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