Product Name: Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: GF-D600

           Light source:  halogen tungsten lamp (12V/30W)
           Wavelength range:  330 ~ 800nm (continuous adjustment)
           Spectrum band:  ≤6nm
           Absorbency range:  -0.3 ~ 3.0Abs
           Temperature control:  25, 35, 37, or room temperature
           Sample volume:  100 ~ 2000μl
           Test method:  linear end point, nonlinear end point, standard curve), two pint (time fixed), kinetics,
               single/double wavelength absorbency, sample blank
           Fixed store 67 items, up to 200 item parameter
           Printer:  built in thermal printer, paper width of 110mm
           Cuvette:  flowing, 10mm, 32μl
           Interface:  standard RS232 interface
           Printer:  built in wide row high speed thermal printer
           Interface:  standard RS232 interface

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