Product Name: Biochemistry Analyzer
Model: BA-733

           Wavelength range:  with 7 high quality filter, 340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 620, 670 nm and one free position
           Large 240x128 LCD 
           Two leading mode:  cuvette or optional cuvette cup
           Top quality temperature control system to assure accurate temperature
           Interface: standard RS232 interface
           1200 test result in memory for printing
           Reagent open system
           Printer:  built in thermal printer
           More than 70 items including routine and STAT parameters
           Light source:  12V/20W halogen lamp, life span>2000 hours
           Band width:  ≤8nm
           Linearity range:  0.000 ~ 3.000Abs
           Aspiration volume:  200 ~ 1400μl
           Flow cell:  30μl, optical diameter of 1cm
           Cross contamination rate:  ≤2%
           Operational temperature: 10 ~ 40
           Temperature control:  25, 30, 35, 37, ±0.1, controlled by peliter
           Measuring method:  kinetics, end point, fixed time, differential, absorbence, multi-standard, double wavelength
           Quality control:  statistically analyzed QC data with QC chart able to be displayed and memorized
           RH:  ≤85%

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