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Product Name: Infant Radiant Warmer
Model: BN-100 Luxurious

           Three settings as pre-warm, manual, or automatic
           Servo controlled temperature system
           Skin temperature sensor for effective avoiding of over temperature
           Audible and visual alarm for power failure,  temperature deviation, temperature probe failure and over temperature
           APGAR timer to record therapy time
           Observation light angle adjustable
           Horizontal adjustment angle of ±90° for heater head
           Infant bed tilt angle of ±10° with transparent protector folded
           Convenient x-ray cassette under infant bed
           Total height electrically adjustable to ease operation
           Temperature deviation be amended directly on the front panel
           A second thermal cut off function for more safety
           Anti blast quartz infrared radiation tube as radiation heating source
           Low pressure aspirator, oxygen supply system and LED phototherapy unit
           Optional drawer and  RS232 output connector

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