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Product Name: Infant Incubator
Model: BB-300 Luxurious

           Servo controlled temperature system
           Separate LED display of air temperature, skin temperature, internal humidity, timer and heat power
           Audible & visual alarm for power failure, over temperature, temperature deviation, skin sensor failure and fan failure
           >37 temperature presetting
           Skin temperature sensor for effective avoiding over temperature
           Temperature deviation and over temperature can be amended directly on the front panel
           Adjustable angle for infant bed inclination
           Continuous adjustment of humidity
           Integrated timer to record therapy time
           Keypad lock to help preventing inadvertent change of the setting
           A second thermal cut off function for more safety
           Large size and double wall hood
           Silence wheels and cabinet with three drawers
           Protect fence
           Total height electrically adjustable to ease opeation
           Optional oxygen inlet,  up side/down side unit of phototherapy, RS232 output connector, tray/pole and x-ray cassette

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