Product Name: Vacuum Autoclave
Model: XG1.CD Series

           Horizontal Vacuum Autoclave, Model XG1.CD Series, with valid capacity between 60 ~ 300L
           Built in steam generator and micro computer control
           Temperature, pressure, time, running status, error alarms can be dynamic display
           Heat drying function can realize desidue humidity less than 3%
           Various programs such as instrument, textile, rubber BD test program and leak test program can be chosen
           Printer is installed, it can prin date, time and procession
           Over heating protection
           Safety valve can automatically release pressure if pressure is over design pressure
           With safety devices of door interlock and circuit safety
           Design pressure: -0.1/0.28Mpa
           Maximum working pressure: 0.23Mpa
           Sterilization temperature: 105 ~ 136
           Chamber material: SUS304 stainless steel

Technical Specifications:
Model Name Volume (Chamber Size) Dimension Power Supply Gross Weight
XG1.CD-300M 300L (φ0.632m*1.00m) 1400*890*1742 mm 16KW, 380V,  50Hz 350KG 
XG1.CD-185M 185L (φ0.50m*0.95m) 1350*750*1742 mm 10KW, 380V,  50Hz  230KG
XG1.CD-135M 135L (φ0..50m*0.71m) 1110*750*1742 mm 10KW, 380V,  50Hz    200KG
XG1.CD-80M 80L (φ0.38m*0.71m) 1000*697*1742 mm  10KW, 380V,  50Hz 60KG
XG1.CD-60M 60L (φ0.38m*0.51m) 1000*697*1742 mm  9KW, 380V,  50Hz  50KG


































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