Product Name: Tabletop Autoclave
Model: TMQ.C-U80K

           Tabletop Autoclave, Model TMQ.C-U80K, with valid capacity of 80L
           Manually water filling, exhaust and drying
           Safety devices of door interlock, automatic safety vale and circuit safety
           Automatic control for heating and sterilization
           High performance pressure switch realizes automatic pressure control
           Steam water internal circulation system doesn't need connect water
           Over heating protection
           Chamber material: SUS304 stainless steel  
           Design pressure of 0.28Mpa
           Maximum working pressure of 0.23Mpa
           Design temperature of 150
           Sterilizing Temperature of 105 ~ 134
           Chamber volume of 80L, with deimension of 38x70cm
           Overall dimension of 1065x730x590mm, with net weight of 100KG
           Power requirements of 380V, 50Hz, with rating power 5.5Kw 


Technical Specifications:

Model Name Volume (Chamber Size) Dimension Power Supply Gross Weight
TMQ.C-U80K 80L (φ0.38m*0.70m) 1065*730*590mm 5.5KW, 380V,  50Hz 380KG 
TMQ.C-U45T  45L (φ0.317m*0.593m) 750*575*520 mm 3.6KW, 220V,  50Hz  95KG
TMQ.C-U23K 23L (φ0..25m*0.44m) 580*510*375 mm 2KW, 220V,  50Hz    36KG
TMQ.C-D23T 23L (φ0.25m*0.47m) 490*385*692 mm  1.6KW, 220V,  50Hz 56KG
TMQ.C-D17T 17L (φ0.25m*0.345m) 490*385*532 mm  1.5KW, 220V,  50Hz  46KG

















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