Product Name: Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer
Model: LK/MMQ-Z Series

           Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer, Model LK/MMQ Serie, with valid capacity of 0.36/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2 CBM
           Effective temperature protection to reduce energy consumption and the burden from air conditioner
           Double door design to achieve the goal of aseptic area protection
           Sealing door with several safety protection and manual open device
           SUS 304 or SUS316Lfor sterilizing chamber, Q235-B carbon steel for jacket and full-automatic welding to
               guarantee reliability and durability
           PLC to assure remote monitoring that could display working temp, pressure, time and other parameters
           Optional for equipment containers, dressing fabric, rubber gloves, liquid medium, BD test and
               barcode scanning equipment
           Software upgrade regularly with free charge
           Maximum working pressure: 0.3 Mpa
           Maximum sterilization temperature: 140
           Applicable to CSSD, TSSU, health care industry, pharmaceutical factory, biological engineering, utensils,
               texitle, sterile clothes, biological products and instruments

Technical Specifications:
Model Name Volume (Chamber Size) Dimension Power Supply Gross Weight
LK/MMQ-Z1.2 1.2CBM (1.53*.68*1.16m) 1900*1420*2010 mm  3KW, 380V,  50Hz   1900KG 
LK/MMQ-Z1.0 1.0CBM (1.80*.61*.91m) 2092*1286*1940 mm  3KW, 380V,  50Hz    1900KG
LK/MMQ-Z0.8 0.8CBM (1.50*.61*.91m)  1742*1286*1940 mm  3KW, 380V,  50Hz    1600KG
LK/MMQ-Z0.6 0.6CBM (1.20*.61*.91m)  1472*1286*1940 mm  2.2KW, 380V,  50Hz   1400KG 
LK/MMQ-Z0.36  0.36CBM (.98*.60*..60m)  1306*1255*1780 mm  2.2KW, 380V,  50Hz  950KG
























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