Product Name: Vertical Steam Sterilizer
Model: LS-BII Series

           Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Model LS-B35/50/75/100L-II, with capacity of 35/50/75/100L
           Hand wheel structure for quick door opening
           Door safety lock system
           Automatic protection from over temperature and over pressure
           Automatically controlled by computer
           Safe protector of water lackage
           LCD display of operating status, with touching key
           Inner steam-water circulation system without steam discharge to keep clean & dry the enrironment for sterilizing
           Self inflating type seal
           Automatic power off with beep reminding after sterilization
           Complete stainless steel structure
           With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets
           Heat average: ≤±1
           Max. working pressure of 0.22Mpa (0.165MPa for LS-B100LII)
           Max. working temperature of 134 (126 for LS-B100LII)
           Temperature adjustment range: 0 ~134 ( 0 ~ 126 for LS-B100LII)
           Timer scope: 0~99 minute or 99 hour 59 minute
           Optional drying system as per customized request

Technical Specifications:


Model Name Volume (Chamber Size) Dimension Power Supply Gross Weight
LS-B100L-II 100L ( φ0.44*0.65m)  730*510*1270 mm 4.5KW, 220V,  50Hz 135KG
LS-B75L-II 75L (φ0.40*0.60m) 690*470*1140 mm 4.5KW, 220V,  50Hz 120KG
LS-B50L-II 50L (φ0.34*0.55m) 650*410*1140 mm 3KW, 220V,  50Hz 102KG
LS-B35L-II 35L (φ0.318*0.45m) 600*410*1030 mm 2.5KW, 220V,  50Hz 96KG














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