Product Name: Tabletop Steam Sterilizer
Model: LK/MMQ-D Series

           Tabletop Steam Sterilizer,Model  LK/MMQ-D0.025/020, with valid capacity of 25/20L
           Microcomputer control with LED to indicate running status, temperature, pressure and time
           Combination of multiple pluse vacuum and positive pressure exhausting to guarantee steam saturation level
           Special vacuum pump with pressure up to 0.85 bar
           Precise pressure sensor able to mointor 0.001bar (1Kpa)
           Sterilizing programs for instruments (packed or non-packed), hemophilus and galssware
           Chamber material: SUS304 stainless steel
           Self testing function to moitor the whole sterilizing process
           Smart deep drying with dressing material humidity <1%
           Max. working pressure of 0.23Mpa
           Temperature adjustment range of 105 ~ 136 
           Cycle time of  30 ~ 55 minute
           PWM temperature control of cabinet and jacket, saving power and water
           Independent temperature sensors for program control and system monitoring
           Optinal LCD display, built in printer and USB interface for data transmissing

Technical Specifications:


Model Name Volume (Chamber Size) Dimension Power Supply Gross Weight
LK/MMQ-D0.025 25L (0.245*0.45m) 471*696*395 mm 1.7KW, 220V,  50Hz 66KG
LK/MMQ-D0.020 20L (0.245*0.35m) 471*586*395 mm 1.5KW, 220V,  50Hz 47KG














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