Product Name: Tabletop Plasma Sterilizer
Model: LK/MJG-50T
P/N: ADSTP3103

           Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer, Model LK/MJG-50T, with valid capacity of 33L
           Creating plasma (high effect oxidizing agent) inside the sterilizing chamber for Hydrogen Peroxide low
               temperature plasma sterilizing
           Technology for the next 10 years with safety, no harmful residue, no polllution to the environment and
               fastness in sterilizing process
           No offensive residues, safe to operator, high efficiency to assure a fast instrument turnaround
           Applicable to surgical instruments including metal, non-metal, humidity and heat sensitive medical instruments
           Constant temperature inside the chamber to assure no hazardous residue and to achieve stable sterilization effect
           One touch sterilization
           Touch screen LCD and USB port
           Built in mini thermal printer
           One touch sterilization
           Touch screen LCD and USB port
           Built in mini thermal printer
           Hydrogen peroxide cassette
           Complete consumable supply with low prices
           Cycle time of 33 minutes for standard cycle, 17 minutes for short cycle
           Rectangular design to maximize loading capacity than round chamber
           Special chamber of full aluminum material with better heat conductivityshelves, built in biological incubator and
               foot kicking door switch


Technical Specifications


           Chamber dimension of 550mmx800x500mm, with valid capacity of 33L
           Power supply of 220V, 50Hz
           Ambient temperature of 5 ~ 40 
           Constant temperature of 50 ~ 60
           Power of 280W for regular drying
           Power of 1100W for Lumen drying
           General power consumption of 125W
           Cycle time of maximum 35 minutes




















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