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Product Name: 12 Channel ECG
Model: iE-12A

           8.9 inch high brightness color LCD with touch-screen and hand writing support
           Alphanumeric keyboard with individual capital and numeral keys
           Last 300 second 12-lead waveforms reviewable and recordable
           R-R interval analysis with arrhythmia detection, brief/detailed reports
           Electrode connection diagram to show ECG leads connection
           Unique ECG data acquisition box with independent function keys
           Multiple ports for data transmission ( LAN, USB, SD card, VGA)
           ECG data can be saved as JPG or XML format
           Various recording fomat: 3×4, 3×4+R, 3×4+3R, 6×2, 6×2+R, 6×2+3R, 12, 12+R, 12+3R, rhythm mode
           Color for background, waveform, lead mark and text can be changed
           Sort  by patient information, disease, date, ID and  record number
           Optional ECG management system, HL7 protocol, built-in WIFI, DICOM


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