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Product Name: 12 Channel ECG Machine
Model: SE-12 Express
P/N: ADCR1102


           12 Channel ECG Machine with FDA approval
           12.1 inch 800x600 multicolor LCD with touch screen to display ECG trace, diagnosis, setting menu & operating status
           Alphanumeric keyboard and one touch operation
           Weak signal detection with the most advanced 24 bit A/D converter technology
           Anti-noise technology with comprehensive filters and high CMRR over 150dB
           Extended printing once arrhythmia is detected to furhter your rhythm analysis
           Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with authoritative CSE/AHA/MIT database
           Real time waveform freezing
           120 second ECG waveform reviewable
           Sleeping mode to save energy and extend LCD life
           3/4/6/7/12 channel printout format on A4 size normal thermal paper or A4 size fax paper
           Waveforms and diagnosis results preview before printing
           External USB printer support
           Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery supporting 50 exams
           200 exams in the internal memory
           Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis
           Standard ECG formats: PDF and optional SCP/FDA-XML/DICOM data export
           Versatile options of  Vector ECG, treadmill/bicycle and Suntech tango exercise, BPM compatibility, customized exercise
               protocols in addition to Bruce and Modified Bruce, Linear/2D barcode scanner, LAN/Wi-Fi/RS232 connection to PC,
                ST analysis and reports, PC based data management software, trolley and cable bracket



Technical Specifications


           Input Circuit:  Defibrillation protection built in
           Lead:  Standard 12 leads
           Acquisition Mode:  Simultanesou 12  lead acquisition (10 ~24 second adjustable)
           A/D Converer:  24 bit
           Input Voltage Range:  5mVpp
           Time Constant:  >3.2s
           Frequency Response:  0.05 ~ 150Hz
           Calibration Voltage:  1mV2%
           Sensitivity:  2.5, 5, 10, 20, 10/5,  AGC (mm/mV)
           Input Impedance:  50Mohm
           Input Circuit Current:  <10nA
           Noise Level:   12.5uVpp
           Anti Baseline Drift:  Automatic
           Patient Leakage Current:  <10uA  (220~240V)
           Patient Auxilliary Current:  <0.1uA (DC)
           Filter:  EMG filter 25/35/45Hz/OFF, DFT filter 0.05/0.15/0.25/0.5/0.32/0.67Hz
           CMRR:  >115dB
           Recording Mode:  Auto/Manual/Rhythm/R-R Analyse
           Rhythm Lead:  Single lead or three lead selectable
           Power Supply:  AC: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
           Battery:  Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery of 14.8V for about 400 copies printing
           Recorder:  Thermal printer
           Recording Paper:  Z-fold/Roller paper
           Paper Width:  216mm, 210mm
           Recording Speed:  5/10/12.5/25/50mm/s
           Dimension:  420x330x120mm
           Display:  800x600 multicolor LCD
           Communication Port:  Ethernet, RS232













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