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Product Name: Stress Testing System
Model: CONTEC 8000S

           12 lead simultaneous acquisition with high precision for QRS waveform distinguishing and real time printing out
           Real time observating ST segment change with magnification and automatic calculation for certain lead
           Screen waveform antijamming technology to guarantee high precision of screen waveform and extrusion of ECG data
           Compatible with standard/user defined exercise scheme, with instantaneous printing and tip for BPMmeasurement
           Wireless data collector to improve anti-jamming capability
           Professional database for sorting, index, modifying, archiving, etc
           User friendly interface, with multiple info preset
           Dynamic retrospect to replay the whole exercise testing process
           Multiple formats for parameter display and printing of trendgraph
           Allowing operator mark events during exercise, make comparison with current waveform as well editing and printing

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