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Product Name: Modular Patient Monitor
Model: CritiVue Series

           Informative, integrative and high end modular patient montior
           15”  color TFT LCD for CritiVue 70,  12.1”  color TFT LCD for CritiVue 60, 10.4”  color TFT LCD  for  CritiVue50
           Full touch screen for quick menu setting and data review
           Anti-slippery handle
           Thermal recorder supporting 3 waveform and 4 record mode
           4 different display modes, 7 real time waveforms
           Fanless cooling system to assure quiet operation of the monitor
           Patented with technology of Ambient Brighness Sensor
           Can upgrade with AGM, BIS RM COGPRS module, 12 lead ECG module, etc
           Various connectibility and mounting solutions
           LAN/WLAN network solution for up to 128 bedside monitor
           Applicable to ICU, OR, ER, PACU, patient ward, etc
           Standard configuration of  ECG, NIBP, RESP, SPO2, TEMP, PR, Drug dose calculation, OXYCRG + Modular Function
           Optional configuration of  built in thermal printer, 12 lead ECG, IBP, Nellcor SPO2, EtCO2, ICG, GPRS module,
               Multi-Gas, Temp probe, Remote Controller, Bracket, Trolley, Li-ion Battery


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